Book Review: Becoming Michelle Obama

Becoming Michelle Obama

As you may have read previously, I’m stuck writing my brother’s unfinished autobiography Viking Funeral. It’s a daunting task because he barely started before he died very unexpectedly. 

Like any GREAT procrastinator, I felt like I needed to read every other biography on the planet to figure out how to do it correctly. You have to read if you want to write, right? I’ve read some fun stuff along the way. I thought I would share my own reviews and observations I’m picking up along the way.

Becoming Michelle Obama
🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

I always love a story of triumph.
Becoming Michelle Obama is a lovely story of triumph, of consistent well thought out choices beginning with her mother moving her from a less than adequate classroom early in elementary school. That move began her trek of hard work that propelled her from the Southside of Chicago deservedly to Harvard. I related to the way her family enjoyed and celebrated with music as well as to her frustrations of piano lessons and trying to please a perfectionist teacher. Y’all know the culmination of her story as the former FLOTUS… The book is very well written from a technical perspective and it’s a lovely introspective work of both grit and inspiration for everyone. I give it a five-star rating. Love your comments.

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