Writer’s Avoidance…Anyone?


The process is addictive. Or maybe it is me hanging on to my grief for fear of forgetting him? Not every person we come in contact with or, in some cases, not all those we are related to leave a gaping wide hole in your life when they are gone, like a category 5 hurricane.

I’ve found a few more biographies to read thanks to my constant cruising around Instagram. I’m convinced my continued search for more books to read is all part of my subconscious avoidance of finishing this Viking Funeral biography.

I swear I’m almost done. My foundational metaphor was there all along and now, with the gorgeous artwork featured on the cover by Doug Cavanaugh @celtichammerclub ,
I really understand why I was so drawn to this gorgeous Norse mythological creature Fenrir. DOUG!

I really should get back to work and stop finding diversions already. XO

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