An Education

Chapter from the upcoming book Viking Funeral. Scroll down to start at the beginning. XO M Dave's unavoidable life circumstance forced him out of college if that wasn't blatantly obvious already. That year 1973-4 transformed into a freshmen year at Life University as a paralyzed man with credits earned at San Bernardino Community Hospital. He … Continue reading An Education

A Gentleman…

Welcome to the book (Blog) Viking Funeral, the epic life of my brother Dave Linane. If you are brand new here, it is a book, publication TBA 2020, and posted a chapter at a time. You have landed halfway through the book. Consider checking out the About Dave link in the menu above and if … Continue reading A Gentleman…

Bad Boys with Guns II

If you are new to this blog, of the upcoming book Viking Funeral, please consider visiting the About Dave page to see who I am making a bid deal late brother. We celebrated him with Fire and Booze and Food and Stories of his amazing life as a paralyzed man and a dear friend … Continue reading Bad Boys with Guns II

Bad Boys with Guns:

Dave loved to be outside as much as possible. Our backyard was significantly shaded by the large old elms trees, so if he wanted some sun, he sat outside the yard, usually across the street in the only space on our street without a tree. Sometimes he closed his eyes and just enjoyed the warmth; … Continue reading Bad Boys with Guns: