Screenplay Development

Viking Funeral Logline: The Party of a Lifetime.

Spoiler Alert: Our hero doesn’t make it out of this life alive; this true story of Dave Linane’s extraordinary journey as a paralyzed man is celebrated with the party of a lifetime at his Viking Funeral with music, booze, and hilarious tall tales.

Viking Funeral Summary

Following Dave Linane’s unexpected death, his Viking Funeral is anchored between the present (2011) and a recent college radio interview featuring Dave. The music is an invocation and part of the braided story of memories of his family and friends, overlapped by Dave’s perspectives gleaned from the interview. Together they reveal his life’s greatest hits and misses from before and long after his paralyzing accident.

His friends and their mutual love for deep listening to music saved him early on. His ability to listen to people became a source of solace to everyone around him. Their bustling family home turned briefly silent with grief following his accident returned, filled with more music, healing laughter, and life than ever before.

Against pushback from the establishment, many starts, frustration, and unimaginable hurdles, Dave earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree to become the counselor to students with disabilities he himself desperately needed when he broke his neck playing football decades before at the same college.  

You’ll laugh as hard as you’ll cry and desperately want him to turn around, but in the end, understand why he can’t.  This is a true story of tenacity in creating an amazing life with nothing but heart and humor. Dave’s universe is full of a huge ensemble cast of kind people from every walk of life, shenanigans of a youthful spirit, car chases, and always great music. You’ll loathe the better-off-dead naysayers and hold your breath through slow and high-speed transportation issues. Honestly, you’re going to love him and his life and feel better about yours for witnessing Dave’s story.


Thanks to Dave, therapy dogs began helping patients locally. While recognized in the early 1900s as beneficial, it wasn’t until 1975 that the first Service Dog organization was created.

Talk to Text was Beta tested by Dave in its earliest iterations of Dragon Dictate, now Naturally Speaking. This is the technology behind Siri, Alexa, Google and all talk to text software.

Football helmet safety changed after Dave’s accident to prevent spinal cord injury.

Based on the upcoming book:

Viking Funeral
The Epic Failed Autobiography of David Linane
a Modern-day Viking Warrior Who Unexpectedly Woke Up Dead
by Mardi Linane