Table of Contents So Far…

Not Safe for Work Warning
Bad Fucking News
I See Dead People
Back to Me
How Weird is Death?
Too Soon?
Bad News Calling
Bad Fucking News Continued…
B. F. News Ad Nauseum
Questions Introverts Ask
Never Underestimate
Viking Funeral – We Burned Shit
Time Travel: 1973
Fan Meets the Shit
Talk About Bad Fucking News
Genetics Part 1
Genetics Part 2
Genetics Part 3
1973-74 Wing 700
Rancho Los Amigos 1974-75
Context, Contact…
Linda Spoke
Brian Spoke Next
1970 Practical Jokers
Cajon High School V SBHS
The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
Still Cruising E Street 1975
Future Fire Extinguishers…
Brian and Dave
Heavy Metal Adventures
The Crowd of Everyone
Package Deal
Two Hospitals
The Mirror
I Shit You Not
Better Off Dead
Bruce Spoke Next
Bruce and SBPD’s Finest
The Knuckleheads of Summer
That Birthday in Captivity
Bruce Stopped By
Ice Breakers
Ice Breakers T.V., Film, & Food
Barbara Spoke Next
The Patience of a Badass
Bad Boys with Guns
Bad Boys with Guns II
A Gentleman…
An Education
And a Scholar
The Counselor is Unofficially IN
Soul Mates
Dave P. Spoke
Autonomic Anonymous
The Traveling Wheel(chair)burys
The Dog House
The Feds and All the Best Breakdowns
Where in THE HELL is Edgerton?
The American’s with Disabilities Act 1990
Jim D
What if this IS my circus, and these ARE my monkeys?
Las Vegas A Chronology: And THE Infamous Las Vegas Stripper Donut Story
He’s not Funny
Observations for the Many Sharp Edges of Grief
The Winding Winding Path to the Obvious
Upgraded Ride
Uncle Junior and all the Soothsayers