Viking Funeral Playlist

Dave LOVED his stereo set up and his music. This playlist is more than 11 hours and consists of mainly classic rock and some blues. We started the music as we set up tables and chairs for the party, it helped us all enjoy the moment thinking of Dave and his favorite music, the soundtrack of his life. The crowd at our Viking Funeral had the energy of a high school reunion. People enjoyed the music, margaritas, Mexican food from a Taco Truck, and milling about hugging each other, collectively, joyfully huddled, grieving, drinking, eating in groups large and small all over our backyard before we lit the bonfire after dusk.

I listened to this music for inspiration, to help motivate me and my memories to keep writing until my eyes practically bled out. I am exaggerating but, I did cry, but the sort of tears you welcome because you know you’ve witnessed something magical in your life when they fall this hard while you laugh.

Enjoy the entire playlist on Spotify. It’s much longer than what you can preview on this page. May require downloading the app.