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If you are returning to this page to see if I have posted any Viking Funeral news, I have not. I posted the raw essays to illicit input from the world who knew Dave beyond those I knew. With more than 400 people reaching out to me, introducing themselves, and mostly confirming the stories I had posted more so than sharing new information with me, I have removed the essays as I prepare to do a final edit of the book.

Thank you all for your comments and encouragement. I know Dave meant a great deal to you, but you all mean the world to me as I move forward with the last chapters, tightening up the story honoring Dave. I could not have done it without your help. I especially loved laughing with so very many of you. I am eternally grateful. XO M

3 thoughts on “That’s all Folks…

  1. So happy for you Mardi as you finish up your labor of love…looking forward to seeing your book published…Thank you for the pure joy, laughs and love that you have shared with us. xo xo

  2. Hi Mardi , I think I scared you off with my Christian Faith , I remember you asked me if I was a Pastor . I said no but I have shared my Faith with many people . How great it is for you to honor and remember Dave . We had three great years at SBHS , and I think I shared Dave and I were close because I was the Quarterback and Dave was the Center , and I’ll always remember our hard work and finally achieving the ultimate goal by winning the Ivy League Championship in 1972 . So , I look forward to the Final Copy of the Book, honoring Dave . Well Done Mardi

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